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Pool Shockers
Shocking Your Pool to Clear Perfection!
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Pool Cleaning services in Miami Springs, FL

Shocking Pools to the Cleanest and Clearest!

In pool terms, “shock” means to super chlorinate a pool to clear the water of any algae and bacteria. Pool Shockers will not only shock your pool, but we’ll also shock you with our honesty, fair prices, dependable service, trustworthy pool techs, and so much more. Miami Springs, FL, is more than our service area. It’s our home.

Loving the Water

 William “Shand” Booher founded The Pool Shockers in June of 2013. The Booher Family has been living in Miami Springs since the 1950’s and truly has a passion for the community.

Shand was born and raised in Miami Springs and wanted to provide a service in his hometown after he earned his business degree. He has always had a love for the water, so the pool maintenance business made sense. Since becoming a local business owner, it has given him the opportunity to see customers out and around the town. He can also be spotted on the baseball and soccer fields where he volunteer coaches with his two daughters.


Pool cleaners in Miami Springs, FL

Pool Services

Weekly Pool Maintainance

  • Vacuum & Skim Pool Debris
  • Check & Adjust Water Chemical Levels
  • Clean & Maintain Filter System
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets & Traps
  • Brush Walls & Steps
Pool maintenance in Miami Springs, FL
Pool repair in Miami Springs, FL

Minor Repairs

  • Pool Motor/Pump Replacement
  • PVC Pipe Repair
  • Pool Timer Replacement
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Salt System Installation & Repair
  • & More

Pressure Washing

One-Time Pool Cleaning

Why Choose Pool Shockers?

Simply put, we care about our customers. You’re our neighbors! Because we live in the area, we are in the vicinity if an emergency arises and can be there in minutes. Our customer care is unparalleled.
We Provide Free Estimates, Prompt Responses, & Service Flexibility
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